ReNu Dental Center

ReNu Dental Center

Surgical Implant Services in Norwood

A Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss

For patients who have missing or damaged teeth, surgical implants are often prescribed as the best plan of action. During an implant procedure, the damaged tooth is extracted to make room for the new fabricated tooth. A titanium screw device that appears to be small rod is then surgically placed into the jawbone, which will act as the anchor and support beam for the new tooth (called a crown, porcelain fused metal crown). The tooth is then placed over the rod and fitted to the rest of your teeth, by blending specific shade of porcelain creating a natural look. Over time, the titanium rod / screw fuses to your jawbone, creating a permanent binding, through a body’s natural healing process called “osteointegration”.

Receiving dental implants from our team offers many benefits, including:

  • They feel like your own natural teeth
  • Unlike dentures, your natural speech is not affected
  • Due to the fusing of the bone, implants will last for years

For more information about how John J. Choi DDS Implants & Periodontics can help, call us at (201) 660-7871.

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