Surgical Phase of Implant Services


A Permanent Solution for Damaged Teeth, Loose Teeth, or Missing Teeth:

For patients who have damaged teeth beyond repair or severely loose teeth, or missing teeth, Dental Implants are often prescribed as the best plan of action. During an implant procedure, the damaged tooth is removed carefully to make room for a new artificial replacement tooth.

An Implant Fixture, a titanium anchor (screw-like device) is then surgically placed into the missing tooth site, which will act as the new anchor to support the new tooth (called a crown, porcelain fused metal crown, Zirconia, Nanoceramic, Emax, Lithium Disilicate, abutment and the like). 

The tooth-like structure called the Crown is then placed over the abutment being held by the implant fixture, and they are custom fitted to the rest of your teeth, by blending specific shade of porcelain creating a natural look. Nowadays, we have multiple options in restorative materials. The Standard PFM crowns, (Gold crowns not so much), Zirconia Crowns are highly favored these days, Emax or Lithium Disilicate are usually used for maximum esthetics, as well as Porcelain layered over Zirconia copings. 

Over time, usually two to three months, the titanium anchor permanently binds into the surrounding jawbone, through a body’s natural healing process called “osseointegration”.  In theory this step is pretty simple enough, but when you are dealing with missing bone, craterings, intrabony defects as well as natural architectures of minute dental bone, all these steps and procedures will have better outcome when the doctor performing the task has had a specialty surgical training to deal with these variables effectively, as well as having multi-year experience. 

Receiving dental implants from our team offers many benefits, including:

  • They feel like your own natural teeth
  • Unlike dentures, your natural speech is not affected as much
  • Once they are fused with the surrounding bone, and maintained well, these implants can last longer than natural teeth.
  • Teeth replaced with dental Implants cannot get cavities or dental caries, since the core is metal. 

For more information about how John J. Choi DDS Implants & Periodontics can help, call us at (201) 660-7871.

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