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Serving the Periodontally Compromised Patients, and Restoring Damaged or Missing Teeth. 

Periodontitis affects millions of Americans per year and is characterized by swollen or puffy gums, bright red discoloration on the gums, tenderness, bleeding, receding gums, excessive bad breath, gaps between teeth, painful or uncomfortable when chewing, and loose teeth. While periodontitis is treatable, if not addressed immediately, there are some evidences that suggest it can lead to other systemic health complications such as respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and stroke. If periodontitis has affected your teeth and gums, our team at John J. Choi DDS Implants & Periodontics provides services to help give you your healthy smile back.

Our periodontics dental services include:

  • Gum Exam: Dr. Choi will evaluate the course of the disease and recommend a treatment plan
  • Scaling and Root Planing : Dental plaque and tartar removal is the first step in preventing further bone loss and tooth decay
  • Gum surgery: If the first phase of deep scaling cannot correct existing periodontitis, there are other treatments including Gingival Flap Surgery, Modified Widman, or Osseous Surgery to clean between your teeth and gums surgically, or there are other adjunctive treatments such as placement of antibiotics locally or even laser treatment. It’s all about creating an environment where it allows your gums to heal properly.
  • Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty: If you have a “gummy” smile or too much gum tissue that’s hiding your beautiful teeth, then we can re-shape your gums to fully expose your beautiful crowns. Young adults usually after an extensive Orthodontic treatment can promote this type concern.
  • Gum grafting: If you have gum recessions or exposed tooth roots, then you may be concerned how it may appear cosmetically as well as the health of the tooth. We can cover certain types of recessed roots via Gum grafting, where we take soft tissue and apply to the area of concern. Please make an appointment to see if you are a candidate.
  • Bone grafting: If you have lost bone around your teeth due to “gum” disease or tooth infection, then certain type of lost bone can be gained back by placing special types of material via Bone Grafting technique call Guided Tissue Regeneration. Please come in for an exam to see if you are a candidate.

For more information about our periodontics services give our team a call at (201) 660-7871.

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